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Ecuator and Galapagos

Adventure, Eco Tourism
Splash out
Age range
55-64, 65 and above

Meet in Quito. Overnight Quito. Fly to Galapagos. Go by boat to the different islands. Swim, snorkel, hike and of course see wildlife. Spend night in private camp with giant tortoises. Thinking of going with Natural Habitat. 100% carbon offset and affiliated with World Wildlife Fund. Probably in January or February 2020.

Ecuador and Galapagos. In planning stage. Definitely going. Probably Jan or Feb 2020. Not inexpensive but well worth the money. May do an Amazon rainforest add on for an extra 3-4 days. Galapagos trips are 10-14 days. Another out-of-this would place! Get close with wildlife. Swim with sea lions and sea turtles. See blue footed boobies and giant tortoises. Relax on private yacht, eat on deck while watching sunset. What could be better. Join me!


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