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Trip around North and South Islands New Zealand then Melbourne to Sydney taking in the islands

Australia, New Zealand
Won't break the bank
Age range

I am at the beginning of planning this trip but thought i would post on here and plan with any others who would be interested in this. I will be travelling from Scotland and intend to strart my trip from New Zealand taking in the whole island then finishing with Australia trip. I had planned to hire a car and drive with bed and breakfast stops/hostels. I have timed this for 2-3 months and start date anytime after 19/1/20

I am at the begining of planning this trip to New Zealand and Australia taking in some of the islands and possible Fiji. Before i finalise any plans i thought i would open this up to anyone else who would be interested in sharing this trip with me. I will be travelling from Scotland anytime after January 10th 2020. I have looked at some options but the single supplement is so steep therefore i thought i would instead car hire and do B+B. I worked in Australia and managed to travel New South Wales and Victoria but never managed to complete Australia then New Zealand. I want to start with the New Zealand trip then fly to Melbourne go up the Great Ocean Road with a round trip finishing in Sydney. The inclusion of Fiji and some other islands would be an added bonus.

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