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Car trip up the California and Oregon Coasts

Adventure, Inspirational Travel
United States
Won't break the bank
Age range

Start/end in San Jose going about half way up the Oregon coast. This will be through the redwoods and involve lots of beach walks and moderate hiking. Extremely flexible.

I am very open to suggestions for this trip though, what I have in mind will take us through the redwoods where we can hike and coastal locations with kayaking and amazing beaches to walk on. Further north there will be rivers we can raft on. If you've never been to San Franciso, it is definitely a city to visit. Other than that, I'd like to stay in proximity to nature and there is a lot of it. The Pacific Coast Trail is accessible in places in both states as well as rivers, mts. and, of course, the Pacific Ocean. I have a basic knowlege of the area--anything beyond that will be up to us to decide. Yes, its short notice but will be worth it and, to keep costs down, we should book flights/places soon.. I'm flexible regrding dates but mid to late Aug. sounds good.

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