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Holiday with a Difference in Uganda

Volunteer Tourism
On a budget
Age range
18-24, 25-34, 35-44, 45-54, 55-64, 65 and above

Fly to Entebbe, travel to the west of Uganda. Just enjoy the rural hills, join a safari, maybe go gorilla trekking and (optional) spend time helping in a school meeting dozens of adorable children or maybe help on outreach work or in a village Medical Centre.

Coming out to stay at our projects in Uganda gives a person of any age the confidence to travel on their own at a later date. Without breaking the bank you can fly to Entebbe, be met at the airport, travel across Uganda to the west where, although near the Equator, you usually need a duvet at night - it never gets too hot as Uganda Lodge is 1,500 metres high. Once there we have volunteer co=ordinators who can eith keep you busy all day every day, or give you plenty of free  time to go out on day trips or a 3 day safari, gorilla trekking, and explore the surrounding hills and lakes. Helping with the children at our Nursery and Primary School is optional, but most love interacting with these little and not so little children. You can take a lesson or simply asist a teacher or devise activities like crafts sports dance and so on We have a Medical Centre and also Vocation Training for older children who will never afford senior school. Cost is just £15 per day full board with all profits going back to the community. Also other work available such as building, carpentry and general maintenence such as painting.  I will be out there again October/November but singles and groups are welcome any time. Contact me for more info or just a chat... begore Uganda & after my own family had grown, I backpacked alone to many countries - but Uganda got to me!! 

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