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train trip in Sweden

Escape to the Country
Won't break the bank
Age range
55-64, 65 and above

train trip in Sweden

Here is my desired itinerary - but I am flexible to change it with your input.

Link to Inlandsbanan train: https://res.inlandsbanan.se/en

Day 1Arrive Stockholm Day 2Stockholm

Museum and sights

Day 3Stockholm to Mora 5 hours on train Day 3Mora

stay in hotel, explore town. Zorngarden

Day 4 Mora Leaves at 2:52 PM

leave Mora in afternoon and travel to Ostersund, arriving at 9:14 PM

Day 4 OstersundArrives 9:14 PM

Arrive, stay in hotel - recommended hotel is Nordic Choice, but more research is needed

Day 5 Stay in Ostersund for one day

Jamtli museum - tapestries

Storsjöhyttan glassworks.

guided city walk Verko castleDay 6OstersundLeaves 7:30 AM

Leave early in the morning

Day 6VilhelminaArrives 11:22 or 12:17Sami Town

Enchanted forest walk

award-winning local restaurant Bergmans Fisk.

Day 7Vilhelmina

Beaver tour - next morning

Day 8

Leave 11:22 or 12:17 to Gallivare

Day 8GallivareArrives 9 PM

World Heritage site - Laponia

Naturum Visitor Centre Laponia

stay 2 days

Cultural Trail in the city

Day 9 3 hour tour: https://book.gellivarelappland.se/sami-tour-a-historic-tour-the-native-people-of-gallivare/

Day 10 kayak tour: http://www.welcometogallivare.com/see-all/midnight-sun-adventure/

Day 11GallivareLeave at 8 AM Day 11JokkmokkArrives 9:21 am

Alpine botanical garden

walk through the forest around the lake

Artic circle? Day 12 Leave at 9:21 next day Day 12OstersundArrive 9 PM Day 13Ostersund to Gothenburg12 hour train ride Day 14Gothenburg

Gothenburg - small group walking tour of city?

Day 15

Gothenburg to home or extra day in Gothenburg

Museum, shopping district

I would like to take a train trip that goes the length of Sweden - I'd like to see the north and also through the forests driving down/over to Gothenburg - could also include Stockholm.  This idea is unformed at the moment, but I don't relish driving alone. Or maybe take a series of trains?   Anyone interested in planning this with me for year 2020?   Has anyone done something like this and want to share your experience?  

Train trip in Sweden.  Looking for interested women to join. 

I want to explore some of Sweden's countryside and small towns. 

I'm thinking June of 2020, because it seems like July gets lots of rain.  

 Inlandsbana  train from Kristinehamn to Gallivare. 


Also would add at least a day or two in Stockholm, where I've been before, and a couple days in Gothenberg, but would concentrate on the countryside. The train has a "hop-on, hop-off" capability.  Would like to have some short hikes, and some paddling included. 

Also cross-posting this on Thelma & Louise website and FB and Over 60 Travel Buddy FB page.  

There are tours available with the train, but I think I would like to do this on our own, the tours add quite a bit to the price.  A two week hop-on, hop-off ticket is about $ 211 U.S. less a senior discount. 

Interested in going?

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