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Stunning Banff and Glorious Montana Glacial Region

Adventure, Cultural, Eco Tourism, Escape to the Country
Won't break the bank
Age range
45-54, 55-64, 65 and above

Arriving in Calgary, Road trip across to the gorgeous mountains, lakes and wildlife of Banff National Park then down to exploring stunning areas like Road to the Sun in the Montana Glacial Area. We will stay with friends in Great Falls then back up to Canada via Flathead region lakes and mountains.

1. Calgary Arrival and sleepover (accommodation with friend) to recover collect car. Sleepover can be here or in Banff as the distance is less than two hours.

2. Lake Louise (most of the activities suggested by tourist sites are here or v close to Banff.

3. Banff

4. Around Browning or East Glacial Park Village (distance is 4hrs 47mins) We can take a hire car across the border. (visit the glacial region Going to the Sun Road road.

5-7 (2 or 3 nights) in Great Falls - free accommodation with my elderly friends. 

8-9 around 4 hours to Flathead area, lakes and mountains. stay 2 nights

10 Calgary - return trip is 4hrs 55 minutes

We already have 2  members of this trip and are looking for two more, preferably from the South East of UK so that we can meet up prior to the trip.

Image by Janusz Sliwinski on flickr

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