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Japan + Beijing (or others!) DATES FLEXIBLE

Adventure, Beach, City Break, Culinary, Cultural, Nightlife, Spa Breaks
China, Japan
Won't break the bank
Age range
25-34, 35-44

Looking for a travel companion for 1 or 2 week trip to East Asia - someone who loves good food (and drink!), appreciates history, shopping (antiques, interesting foods etc), the occasional hike as well as spa treatment. Basically someone easygoing like me who likes a little bit of everything!

I can really do any dates between mid-May and late August. And I'm totally open to suggestions on other nearby cities to visit on this trip. Quick note about me: I just turned 35 (!), am single (actively working on that), and work in public relations for a kind of consultancy firm. I speak fluent French (used to live there) and am a seasoned traveler (past trips include Iran, Lebanon, Greece, Morocco). I love all kinds of music from Kate Bush to Chopin, Nick Cave to Beyoncé. I also love making ceramics, books, riding horses and grocery shopping (cooking too, but I really get the thrill from the store aisles :) Overall, I'm a fun, curious and energetic travel buddy!

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