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Off The Beaten Path - South India - Village Stays

Cultural, Eco Tourism
Won't break the bank
Age range
55-64, 65 and above

If you would like to travel away from the tourist path, this is a very special trip that will lead you to north Kerala villages.

We are welcomed guests in private homes in green agricultural villages, amongst rice fields, fruit trees, and spices.   Our hosts provide wonderful home cooked Keralan food.  The village stays offer a beautiful opportunity to have cultural connection and learn about way of life and livelihoods.  There is much going on in the villages, and each village has different activities.  A few are:  Drumming by the local women; a bamboo village, where 40 varieties are grown for local sale and bamboo handicrafts are produced; village walks, light trekking, country boats through quiet backwaters, beaches …. and viewing tribal Theyyam performances, which are ancient rituals of spiritual significance.  They occur only in the north of Kerala.  In simple terms, mortals go into trance and become immortal Gods.  Theyyam (origin 13th century) is held at forest temples and is a performance for the locals.  Few tourists get to see this.

Many more amazing things happen on this trip, but better to be surprised!

On the beginning and end of this trip, we are regular tourists in the populated city areas.  You’ll get to see well known sights and shop and explore. 

If you have interest to join the group please email/message me first, and lets correspond!  More details about the trip is sent via private email.  Due to the nature of securing these special accommodations and transportation, deposits are necessary upon joing the trip.  We will be a small group of 6 to 7 women.  Cost is US$1,500.  Further information is sent by private email.

As an India traveler for 19 years, I have lead small group tours to Rajasthan and Kerala since 2013.  My interest in sustainable village tourism expanded 4 years ago, when I started exploring the less traveled paths in South India.

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