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16 days $823 canadian p p plus taxes $1522.26

If sharing a cabin $823,50 each plus taxes

there are other cruises that offer many freebies this cruise offers on  free bar, specialty dining, or wifi, or $50 off each shore excursion. Often you can take your own shore excursions for less than the $120 the ship charges per shore excursion.I am not firm on this cruise line or this cruise would like to do a South American cruise if anyone is interested it can be Feb, or March I would use airmiles for airfare.  Please contact me if you have any interest in a south american cruise we can find the best value if you want single supplement you pay 2x the cruise only taxes once. Marianne  mariannegary@bell.net 705 492-5642 send me a message and friend request me on facebook Marianne Jefkins Persia thank you

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