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TukTuk-Tour Central Sri Lanka

Adventure, Beach, Culinary, Cultural, Eco Tourism, Escape to the Country
Sri Lanka
On a budget, Won't break the bank, Splash out
Age range
18-24, 25-34, 35-44, 45-54, 55-64, 65 and above

I'm planning a 2 week tour with a TukTuk (yes, one of these motor rikshaws. Those can be rented there!!) through Central Sri Lanka. Mainly the highlands and some national parks.

I just looked into Sri Lanka as a holiday destination and am instantly hooked so I am planning a trip in just a few weeks.(Dates not fixed yet! Sth beginning of Feb)

Once there I will rent a TukTuk to get around! I totally love these things and am incredibly thrilled I can actually rent one there!! (you really couldn't beat that smile off my face right now when I'm thinking of it :))

Anyone who wants to go on a TukTuk adventure is welcome to contact me (I can take only one person or maybe two real skinny ones, LOL)

Since I like the following you should as well: -Get up real early to already go places for sunrise ,  - anything that has to do with nature and animals,  - generally be on a budget but splurge when a unique opportunity comes along (heritage hotel, unique experience...),- hiking and walking, a LOT of walking, - food, especially traditional street food

I am an all weather activist so rain shouldn't put you off either.

I don't have an exact route yet but it will be Central Sri Lanka with a focus on the highlands, tea plantations and jungle and the Udawale NP and a few others to find some leopards. Cultural highlights won't be missed and surely and maybe a beach or two will spice up the itinerary. No parties or bigger cities though.

I will NOT go to Horton Plains, Adams Peak.

Hit me up if you want to tuktuk your holiday away in Sri Lanka!



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