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Dude Ranch in Georgia

United States
On a budget
Age range
45-54, 55-64, 65 and above

Beginning Feb. 7-13th

Spending a week at a dude ranch near Atlanta Georgia...2 riding times a day up to 2 hours each, and there is also alot to do in nearby historic towns and on the ranch. Breakfast and lunch included, share a room or get your own....cost is about $650 plus dinner out each night. The ranch provides 2 meals, snacks, rooms and riding in the cost. I am flying in on the 7th and will be at ranch 11 am on the 8th-13th. Hoping to find a travel buddy to go riding with and exploring the small towns near the ranch. I can pick up at Atlanta airport on the 7th and arrange another room at the b & b I am staying at that night.

Image by Lee LeFever on flickr

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