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Travel throughout Italy June/July 2019

Adventure, City Break, Cultural, Featured Destination, Festival & Events
On a budget, Won't break the bank
Age range
55-64, 65 and above

i will travel by land from barcelona Spain to Italy and then would like travel buddy hopefully can speak Italian

This is a definite plan not tentative as shown but i do not know how to change that title. 

Is there anyone out there who would like to travel throughout Italy with me.  it would be great if i could find a travel buddy who can speak a little italian.  I speak 3 other languages but not italian unfortunately.  I am retired from The Airline and Travel Industry in Australia and i travel solo every year for approx. 5 months.  Now i think i would like a travel buddy for this part of the vacation.  i am easy going as are most Aussies and do not sweat the small stiuff as we say,  As long as I can obtain accommodation on my travelts, I do not worry  I use similar to Airbnb but no actual payment, but gifts etc for my hosts.  kind regards Kay

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