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Relaxation and a little bit of adventure in Martinique

Won't break the bank

Flexible on dates - beach trip to beautiful Martinique

Hi!  Norwegian Airlines has some cheap flights from several US cities to Fort-de-France, Martinique in the coming months, and I would love to go!  I've found that beach/tropical trips can be quite lonely solo, so I would love to find someone to accompany me on this trip.  I may be working during part of the time, so I'll need to stay in a hotel or Airbnb with strong wifi.  I've found some awesome places on AirBnb (beautiful views, near the beach, with a pool, etc.) that would cost at or under $75 pp at most (several for even less, that is just the max I would want to spend on accommodations).

I love a good cocktail, delicious food, music, museums (especially the stranger ones), and just about any type of adventure.  I may not be able to join you on every outing, so if you have a similar independent style of adventure and travel, we would probably make great travel buddies!

I can be pretty flexible on the dates (I usually plan my trips according to the airfare price), so if you're interested let me know.   Would prefer to travel sometime after January 12 and before mid-March.  As for the length, I'm pretty flexible on that, but would probably only want to stay for a week or so at most. 

Image by Ian D Keating on flickr

Interested in going?

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