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Mongolia - 24th August to 9th September 2019. Definate

Adventure, Cultural, Escape to the Country, Festival & Events, Inspirational Travel, Self Improvment Travel
Won't break the bank
Age range
45-54, 55-64, 65 and above

Mongolia Cultural Camping Expedition-16 Days of pure enjoyment in a different culture and spectacular landscapes.


Mongolia  2019- On the 2019 Tour there will be lots of opportunities for birdwatching, photography and walking.

We  will begin by staying in Ulaan Bataar for two nights,  visit the National  Museum of Mongolian History. 

We'll then travel north  on an internal flight,to Moron and meet our road transport and travel  to Lake Khovsgol where we will stay in a ger camp or tents by the lake.

From this point we begin our overland journey of exquisite landscapes, cultural experience and lots of interaction with nomadic Mongolian people.

This is the itinerary below-

Day1- Today we will go into the city, see the National History Museum and visit Mary and Marthas, a social enterprise business, which supports hundreds of Mongolian Artisans and  their families. We will also change money, sort phones and seek out last minute supplies to take into the countryside.

Day 2- We fly to the small town of Moron, where we pick up our vehicles for the drive up to Lake Kovsgol through picturesque terrain.

Day 3- Stay at Lake Khovsgol in our tents, pitched right near this amazing, massive blue Lake.

Day 4- Leaving the Lake, we drive to Shin Ider and camp by a fresh clear stream amongst the pine forest. 

Day 5- Drive to Terkhin Tsagaan Nuur, the White lake and stay with a local yak herding family, in their gers.

Day 6- White lake again tonight.

Day 7-Today we head off towards the Tsenkher Hot Springs. Rustic rock pools filled with hot water piped  straight from the mineral rich source nearby. The area is forested and beautiful.

Day 8- We stay for another night at the springs and go for a hike/and or horse ride (if you choose)

Day 9- Kharhorin is the ancient capital of Mongolia and is steeped in History. We explore the museum and old Monastery and stay in a Local Ger camp/guesthouse.

Day 10- Onwards to Mongol Els, where there is a tiny old monastery, tucked high in a valley. There are spring fed streams and sand dunes.  We stay with local family.

Day 11- Today we drive back to UB and stay at LG Guesthouse. 

Day 12- After an early start we drive to Baga Gazriin Chuluu which  is in the Gobi Desert. You will begin to see a vast difference in the terrain. Here we stay with a local family.

Day 13- A long morning walk way into the spectacular rocks at Baga Gazriin Chuluu.

Day 14- We will go to Terelj NP where the landscapes are stunning and also visit the famous Gheggis Khan Horse statue.

Day 15- Arrive back in UB. Free afternoon.

Day 16- We will go and visit the Bogd Khan Winter Palace and early evening, we'll watch a traditional Song and Dance performance. Our trip ends after Dinner, however; your accomodation for this night is included.

I have been travelling to Mongolia every year since 2007 and I can show you the best that Mongolia has to offer with my fabulous guide, Tsegii and our drivers.

Our accommodation will be camping on the wide open steppe in tents, guesthouses  and family ger camps

  Price of the trip is $2650 USD  per person.

The trip price includes all accomodation within in Mongolia, breakfast, lunch and dinner every day, all  entries into Museums, National Parks and a traditional Song and Dance performance and all air and road travel within Mongolia.

Does not include any drinks, souveneirs, visas to Mongolia or travel to and from Ulaan Bataar Mongolia.

Dates are 24th August to 9th September, but good to have a day either side for  arrival and departure. (a couple of days is better then you can see more around the city) 

Contact me rensinavandenheuvel@gmail.com

I will send you  more information about what to Bring and what to Expect and the all inclusive price.

Mongolia can be a difficult and challenging country to travel in, as there are many earth tracks to traverse the country. This expedition is  designed to give you a taste of Mongolian life and the opportunity to experience some  magnificent countryside from the dry Gobi desert to the  lush forests of the north.   Come join us.


There are many inspiring photos of Mongolia, on this site- Rensinas Travel Adventures FaceBook page..


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