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Southern England

Adventure, Culinary, Cultural, Escape to the Country, Inspirational Travel
Won't break the bank
Age range
45-54, 55-64, 65 and above

Southern England (Cotswold, Cornwall, ?)

I am looking to fly from the US to London to explore the southwest.  I know I would like to see the Cotswolds area and do a couple of of walks.  Than Tintagel Castle and some of the coast.  Other specifics I have not decided on yet.  I love history, castles, scenic beauty, taking walks/hiking to really soak up the area, meeting locals (although I am shy - which makes this harder), photography and trying new foods.  I can travel solo but prefer to have some company.  Either train or rental car.  I love driving in the UK!

Image of Tintagel Castle on flickr

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