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Post Xmas / NY break in warm part of Europe.

Beach, City Break, Culinary, Cultural, Festival & Events, Inspirational Travel, Spa Breaks
Malta, Morocco, Portugal, Spain
Won't break the bank, Splash out

Somewhere warmer than UK! Canary Islands, Morocco, Madeira, Malta etc.


Hi Ladies, 

I'm looking to take a post Xmas break somwhere in the sun before getting back to the grindstone in the new year. 

I'm not on a strict budget and would rather stay in a decent hotel, be able to eat in some nice restaurants, have a spa etc rather than scrimp massively. Doesn't have to be 5 star hotels but Im not looking to back pack!  

So far Im thinking of staying within few hours flight but is still relatively warm at this time of year! 

On my list are Canary Islands, Morocco, Malta, Maderia - or anywhere similar. 

I'm thiking of either leaving just before NY years and spending NY Eve somwhere OR leaving just after NY. 

Feel free to ask any questions!

Charlotte x

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