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Socotra October 2018

Adventure, Cultural, Inspirational Travel, Self Improvment Travel
Won't break the bank
Age range

10 day guided tour of Socotra

*EDIT* Due to some health issues this trip is postponed until 2019. Travel to Socotra is not easy but not impossible!*

To visit Socotra has been a dream of mine for some time. I was immediately drawn to the images and videos I saw of this incredibly beautiful island.

The trip I have roughly outlined is 10 days and would be booked with a recommended tour company in Socotra and is 'all inclusive" ie there is a daily price which includes: food, accommodation (a mixture of camping and hotels), transport in a 4 x 4 land cruiser (with driver), a guide-and most things you would need including transfers! The 10 day itinerary is packed with nature, landscapes, trekking, swimming.

The Socotra season runs September - May and my next available opportunity to find time for the trip is October 2018-which is a little way off! Obviously much depends on having a reliable flight schedule into Socotra. Flights most likely will be from either Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

If you would like to be kept in the loop with my plans, please send me a message and we can keep in touch!


Image by Rod Waddinston on flickr

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