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Summer 2019 Western/Central European Backpacking Tour

Adventure, City Break, Cultural, Featured Destination, Festival & Events
Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, The Netherlands
On a budget
Age range

Totally open to where we go. I just want to explore the Old Continent.

Extended backpacking trip around Europe in the summer of 2019. I'm very open about where we go.

I would want to keep it pretty cheap when it comes to shelter (hostels, AirBnB). When I travel, I tend to focus on natural wonders, eclectic city neighborhoods, and some basic sightseeing. I love music, theater, nature, food, and reading. An ideal day would be some general exploring (could be a day trip, a walk around the city, etc.) and then just relaxing and having a couple of drinks at a divey bar. For me, the most exciting part of travel is just being in a new and different place - I find it very invigorating.

My only 'issue' while traveling is that I have Celiac's, which means that I can't eat gluten, so I do need to research restaurants in the area and be careful about what I eat. Other than that, though, I just want to see new places, meet new people, and explore different cultures.

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