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Facebook Live chat #3: An empty-nester’s tales of South America



Empty nester, yoga teacher and Thelma & Louise Club member Susie O’Kelly joined us to tell us about her ‘now or never’ travels in Argentina and Chile.


We discussed language barriers, dealing with food allergies and moments of vulnerability, set to Susie’s beautiful travel photography from her trip.

If you missed it, catch up now on the Thelma & Louise Facebook Page.

As usual we also had a few book reviews and product recommendations - as promised, here are links to the various items we discussed.


Cultural Escape

Every week we talk about the books, movies and other audio-visual delights that are helping us through lockdown by transporting us elsewhere – without leaving our homes.


Product Review: Use now, travel with later

Every week, we recommend a product or two that you can buy to use now and take on your travels later.

  • If you’re remotely interested in twitching, Ana recommends the Smart Bird ID app, which she put to the test before our chat
  • Susie recommended a “comfy, stretchy pair of yoga pants” as her ultimate stay-at-home and travel-with product

We hope you enjoyed our chat and that, in some small way, it helps you cope with the loneliness and boredom that can accompany isolation and lockdown.


What are you reading and what products are currently helping you through isolation? Tell us in the comments below. We'd also love to hear your suggestions for themes for the coming weeks. What would you like us to talk about?