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Join us for weekly LIVE CHATS on FACEBOOK


We’re aware that lots of women in our community might, like us, feel lonely, bored, scared and perhaps a little frustrated by the lack of travel in our lives right now. So we’ve decided to launch a weekly Facebook Live chat so we can connect with you directly, even though many of us can’t leave our homes for the foreseeable.

Travel can’t be our priority for now, but connecting with other women who love to travel is a pleasing substitute. Let’s help one another through these tough times by sharing our travel stories, hopes and dreams to transport each other to places new and familiar.


What is Facebook Live?

Facebook Live is a video streaming service that lets anyone broadcast real-time video to their Facebook News Feed. It’s more personal, direct and spontaneous than our usual Facebook posts, newsletter and website forum, and we hope it will help you feel more connected to us and to each other, while bringing some travel-themed fun into your lives!

“Every Tuesday at 8pm (BST, London*), Ana and Emma – and any of you who want to join us – will be having a chat about all things travel on a live video stream on the Thelma & Louise Facebook Page.”


It’s bound to be a bit messy to begin with (to be honest, the thought of broadcasting live terrifies us!) but, like the best-laid travel plans, we’ll figure it out together. Please bear with us!


How you can join

Every Tuesday at 8pm (BST, London*) log in to Facebook and visit the Thelma & Louise Facebook Page. You’ll see a live video with our ugly mugs at the top of the feed. The broadcast will last around 30-40 minutes.

We’re going to use a free app called StreamYard to make this happen, so expect to see StreamYard branding around us. You can message us in the comments, or even join us on screen to chat. To join us on screen, just let us know through the comments or email Ana in advance and we’ll send you a link. You won’t need to download anything or use a password. The more people who get involved, the better!

We’ll send you reminders about the meetup in the Tuesday newsletter and via the Thelma & Louise Facebook Page and Group, as well as link to it from the Thelma & Louise website.


If you don’t already follow us on Facebook, now’s the time!


What we’ll talk about

We’re going to chat travel, of course! Each Facebook Live meetup will have a theme and regular slots. We’ll talk about our past travels, our travel dreams and plans.

We’d love to introduce you to potential travel buddies via quick live interviews with other members of the community, too. Get in touch if you’d like to feature!

Basically, as we can’t travel right now, we going to bring the travel to you through travel chat, product reviews and travel buddy spotlights!


Is there anything you’d like to talk about? Let us know in the comments below.

See you on Tuesday!


*What time?

8am NZDT (Auckland)

6am AEDT (Sydney)

4am JST (Tokyo)

3am SGT/CST (Singapore, Beijing)

12.30am IST (New Delhi)

9pm CEST/SAST (Paris, Madrid, Cape Town)

8pm (BST, UK)

12pm PDT (LA, Vancouver)