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9 life lessons on love, travel and finding your power from women in their 40s and 60s



One of the most wonderful things about our community of women travellers is that it’s packed with feminine wisdom. Between us, we’ve gained laughter lines and many, many years of experience from our diverse walks of life and we’re willing to share our hard-earned life knowledge with women who have yet to be rewarded with quite as many laughter lines!


Photo by Christina @ wocintechchat.com on Unsplash

With that in mine, we asked our members, “What do you know in your 40s that you couldn't fathom in your 20s and 30s? And, what do you understand in your 60s that you never dreamed of in your 40s?”

Based on their answers, one thing that’s for sure. If you keep your heart and head open to new experiences and friends, there isn’t an age at which you stop learning, evolving and growing. Women in their 40s have valuable life experience to offer women in their 20s, just as women in their 60s can teach a thing or two to women in their 40s. And if you’re a woman in your 80s reading this, we’d love to hear what you have to say too!

“If you keep your heart and head open to new experiences and friends, there isn’t an age at which you stop learning, evolving and growing.”

I’m on the cusp of my 40s and my tip for women in their 20s is: “Don’t save anything for ‘best’ – the perfect time is rarely obvious, probably because it doesn’t exist. That applies whether you’re waiting for the ideal time to wear those expensive trousers, start a family or travel around the world. If you want something, make it happen now.”

Here’s what the rest of our community had to say:

  1. “In your 60s you start to believe, ‘We are all going to die’. It becomes real. You count the years left. You think about what the quality of those years will look like. I take better care of myself, emotionally and physically. I’ve realised material possessions and the life pursuit of them was a total waste of time and resources. Money would have been better spent on experiences, not things that my daughters will have to figure out how to dispose of. Simple is better. Saying I love you to everyone that I love more often. I’m so happy with the clarity that has come with ageing.”
  2. “I'm 46. I've finally realised that I like myself as I am and love my life and that I don't actually care anymore about what others think of me or how I live!”
  3. “Age is but a number. At 50 my friends have more common sense than my friends in their 20s. Common sense is a great travel companion!”
  4. “[I have learned] many things but one is that I don't need a man.”
  5. “I understand FINALLY that it’s all about me...for the most part. But seriously, I can finally put myself first and it is glorious.”

Photo by Greg Raines on Unsplash

And if our members had the chance to go back in time 20 years and offer one piece of advice to their younger selves, here’s what they’d say.

  1. “Go for it! Beware of unnecessary roadblocks, think about what you want to do and ‘make it happen’ (all within the realm of practicality and common sense of course, haha!).”
  2. “DON'T get married!”
  3. “I need to go back 46 years LOL! Dont marry him! 20 years ago to myself...don't move back to the States.”
  4. “I actually think most of the last 20 years played out pretty much as well as they could have. I would have had a different conversation with my ex a couple years ago though had I known what he was going to do.”

Hopefully these words of wisdom resonate with you, whatever life stage you’re at right now.


What words of advice do you have for women 20 years younger?