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12 trips to look forward to in 2019


For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, January can be bleak. Known as Blue Monday, the third Monday of the month has the gloomy accolade of Most Miserable Day of the Year, thanks to an unfortunate combination of peak Christmas comedown, the arrival of sky-high credit card bills from December, and relentless cold, dark nights.

Thankfully, we’ve got a plan. Beat Blue Monday into submission by joining one (or more) of these seriously tempting trips and give yourself something to look forward to in the coming year.

There are several trips to New Zealand currently being planned for 2019, but if you want to explore the country in the height of summer, leap into this one:
“I will be house sitting in Auckland until 25 January and will be in the country until 7 March.  My plan is to hire a car or campervan and see both islands. If I get the car I will look at staying in airbnb or hostels so keeping costs down. It would be nice to have company for all or part of the trip so if anyone wants to meet up please get in touch.”

Travel like a local for 54 days on this G Adventures rail tour of India:
“Very interested in joining a G Adventures trip (Indian Odyssey by Rail) but would enjoy company. It is usually offered in Feb and I am interested in Feb 2019.  Contact me if you are up for a two-month adventure!”

Head off the beaten track on a photography-led road trip around the Faroe Islands:
“I would like to rent a car for approx. 8 days and travel around Faroe Islands with hiking, photography, and amazing scenery…Looking for a travel buddy to share a road trip renting a car and driving to various islands. Focus on amazing scenery, photography, walking, and possible wild weather. March should be the perfect light for photographers.”

Get a dose of Scandi style on this city break in Stockholm:
“Hello to all! I have planned a trip to Stockholm, Sweden. This will be my first trip out of USA! Excited, nervous, etc. Hopefully, I can find a travel buddy to join me on this journey (of many more to come, of course). I want to experience everything I can possibly fit into those three days I have chosen. I have booked a room...However, if someone decides to tag along, I will be more than happy to change my reservations! Please let me know if you’re interested, or if you have been, [and] if so, what did you do while visiting? :)”

Forget Route 66. This road trip through for states of eastern USA is much more 2019:
“Exploring the national parks in VA, NC, KY, and TN on a road trip. Will tent/van camp when airBnBs are not available cheap. Great for photography, exploring natural world and just unwinding in the beauty of these parks. Will take time for some hikes, horseback riding, exploration of villages, special events etc. Plan to tour tiny homes in Asheville and more. If time allows will do the Great Smoky Mountain Park as well.”

How about a budget to mid-range private or small group  safari in Kenya and Tanzania?:
“I will be retiring soon and will have all of 2019 to travel. There are many places on my list to travel, but the first priority is a safari in Kenya and Tanzania. I don't want to sleep in tents but want it to be budget to mid-range.  There are private tours for 2 or 3 people, or small group tours that should be less $.  After the safari, I'd like to travel to S Africa and rent an airBnB for a few weeks and a car and tour the area on my own.

Pink Martini fans look no further! Take the train to Budapest to watch the group in concert:
“Travel from London by train and ferry via Munich and Vienna then return. The dates aren't exact...it would depend on how many nights we could afford to stay in each city. I would like at least 2 nights in each hotel if possible. Concert tickets are only 20 pounds each....I have only 2 tickets and I am happy to go alone if my companion/s don't want to go. I am a great fan of Pink Martini, in the 65+ bracket but quite happy with younger women. I am told that I am a good travelling companion – I enjoy others' company AND enjoy my own.”

Time for an excellently planned 16-day tour of Mongolia (thanks to the marvellous Rensina), with birdwatching, photography and walking:
“I have been travelling to Mongolia every year since 2007 and I can show you the best that Mongolia has to offer with my fabulous guide, Tsegii and our drivers. Our accommodation will be camping on the wide-open steppe in tents, guesthouses and family ger camps. Price of the trip is $2850 USD per person. The trip price includes all accommodation within Mongolia, breakfast, lunch and dinner every day, all entries into museums, national parks and performances and all travel within Mongolia.”

Saddle up for a horse holiday in the Canadian mountains:
“Trail rides and learning Chris Irwin techniques. Cost is CAD 1690 pp if it is a shared room. There are 3 options that week of all learning, all exploring or a combination. I plan on doing the combination. There is great hiking there I'd love to do as well.”

Give something back in Ghana:
“Volunteer in one of a number of projects and spend one weekend on a trip to the Cape Coast area and another to the Volta Delta area. At the weekends spend one visiting the Cape Coast area with its famous Castle where the slaves were kept awaiting shipment to the Americas and Europe (harrowing but worthwhile experience), visit the Kakum National Park, Canopy Walk, Crocodile Farm. On the other weekend, visit the beautiful Volta Delta area famous for river trips, animals and relaxing. This is an opportunity to get involved in one or more of these projects, get to know the real Ghanaians, experience the food, the culture and also share your skills and passion with others.  And have some fun with a group of like-minded ladies!”

The one trip currently planned for November is already booked up (a cruise to South America) – so take the initiative and plan your own! To inspire you, here’s are 9 life-changing adventures to have in 2019!

Finish 2019 on a high, meandering through Ecuador and Peru:
“Have just started planning and like to be pretty flexible once there. Arriving in Quito and make way south to Peru. The departure and return so far are flexible sometime in Dec, Jan.
Would like to travel through Ecuador making way to Peru. Stopping at whatever meets the fancy. Nothing too scheduled but would like to experience the Galapagos and Machu Picchu.”
And if none of these appeal (seriously?!), then grab the bull by the horns and plan your own – there are plenty of like-minded women here who want to join you!