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10 things I learned about travel from my mother


Mothers are our wisest advisors, biggest cheerleaders, they love us above anything else in the world, and truly believe in us. Since becoming a mother I have developed this huge respect for my own mother. When I was a rebellious teenager I listened to my mother, but I never fully understood her advice. However, the stories of her adventures and the ones that we have since had together have given me a deep love for travelling, for embracing new places and cultures and for longing to create my own travel adventures.

Image by moleratsgotnofur on flickr


I don’t believe we are born with itchy feet, they are planted by the closest people in our lives. So here I am on 8th March, joining Oscar winners to thank my mother for what I am today and my love to travel.

Here are the best 10 things I learned about travel from my adventurous mother:

  1. Fill your days with laughter, new experiences and spontaneous adventures. It’s more than wanderlust, it’s the way to find inspiration and get a dose of positive energy into your life.
  2. Keep walking, there is always another museum around the corner. All my trips with mum were like a marathon of squeezing in as many places and experiences as possible. She wasn’t just ticking them off a list, she was pushed by this desire to see everything and a huge curiosity of what is around the corner.
  3. If you have a bad feeling about a place or a person, stay away, RUN! Trust your intuition!
  4. Save money for travel. Buy your favourite things in sale. Every time I pick up some expensive shoes, I hear my mum: Shoes or Italy? Italy, of course.
  5. Always pack a good dress and a pair of high heels. “You never know if you’ll be invited to a ball”. It wasn’t a ball, but it was Opera in Zurich.
  6. You will discover more about yourself going off the beaten path than in a 4* spa hotel. It takes a bit of dust, a bit of unknown and mystery to discover some magic.
  7. Use your time in your life wisely. The experiences that we have make us the people that we are.
  8. Choose your friends wisely and ask yourself if you’d take a journey together. Imagine yourself on a road trip, you two in the car and the open road, now, would you still want this person to be your friend?
  9. Barbie is not a real woman, she is not the model of a real woman. Brains can go further than good looks! The more things you’ll know, the further you’ll go and want to go.
  10. My mother’s recipe to visit a place if you only have time for 3 things: go to a hairdresser, you’ll find out more about the place in 20min that you could read in books and blogs; visit a church, there is peace and quiet and you can learn so much about the local culture; go to a market, smell the produce, hear the people talk, eat some local food.

“I guessed she’s been my inner voice for a long time, but I haven’t realised it.”

How did your mother influence your travel adventures? What did you learn from her about travel?