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Christmas gifts for women who love to travel


Image by Carmel on flickr


For been-there-done-that travellers
The only thing to give someone who has ticked off every item on their travel bucket list is the chance to visit their favourite places all over again. Travel gift cards allow you to spend as much or as little as you choose (minimum spend is usually around the $25 mark), and you can often personalise the gift card.

“The lucky recipient can choose from more than 600 treehouses, cabins, boats, Gypsy caravans, shepherd’s huts and boats”

Airbnb gift cards open the doors to more than 1 million places to stay, and they don’t expire so there’s no pressure to book immediately. If you want to be absolutely certain the person you’re buying for will find somewhere they love, look no further than hotelgift.com, which has 110,000-plus hotels from more than 140 hotels brands on its books, including Hilton, Four Seasons and Travelodge. For something a little more unusual, try Canopy & Stars’ gift cards. The lucky recipient can choose from more than 600 treehouses, cabins, boats, Gypsy caravans, shepherd’s huts and boats. You can also find gift vouchers for holiday packages from numerous providers, including lastminute.com and Trailfinders.

Image credit to Canopy & Stars

For over-packers
If you’re not a serial over-packer yourself, you probably know one. Help yourself/the woman in your life who struggles to keep within the baggage allowance to pack smart with these seriously handy presents.
Start with How to Pack: Travel smart for any trip by Hitha Palepu. This book is stuffed with tips for perfect packing, from how to fold (or roll) to a packing timeline and sample packing lists. Once the basics are in place, kit them out with the super-efficient Standard Issue Travel System packing cubes from Herschel – there’s even a tarpaulin roll-bag for wet items – and these packing lists by Knock Knockand.
For frequent fliers
Kit out your friend with a billion air miles with everything they need to stay comfy and well-slept when they fly.
A personalised travel document wallet will help them keep track of everything they need in arrivals and departures, such as passports, boarding passes and foreign currency. Once seated, a contoured sleeping mask, ear plugs and a privacy-giving hoodie pillow will help them sleep, while entertainment could come in the form of a travel-themed colouring-in book for adults, Suduko puzzles, a good book or a pre-loaded Kindle or iPad. If you’re feeling super-generous, you could buy everything on this list to make a bespoke flight survival pack and pop it into come new personalised carry-on luggage.

Image credit to HoodiePillow

For minimalist travellers
Women who like to travel light are among the hardest people to buy for. They’s already got everything they need, right? Wrong! Pick them out something that takes up even less space in their carry-on than the version they currently have, or makes something they can’t leave home without multifunctional. This Ollo Clip 3-in-1 Lens Set turns smartphones into a fish-eye, super-wide or macro camera.

Image credit to Cambiami

Travelling light doesn’t have to mean boring, beige practical clothes. These Cambiami sandals come with interchangeable T-straps so you just need the one pair with a selection of straps to go with every outfit. (Added bonus: you can simply buy news straps to add to the collection every year!)
For luxury-loving travellers
Wave off your luxe-loving friend with a cashmere wrap blanket to keep her cosy on flights and chilly evenings. At £200+, it’s not cheap, but it will become your life-long travel companion. In fact, if you’ve got the cash, you might as well get yourself one too – but get them monogrammed so there are no arguments over whose is whose!

“it’s not cheap, but it will become your life-long travel companion.”

If a proper cup of coffee is a home luxuries that’s sorely missed on the road, give the gift of a proper brew wherever you wake up in the world. A Nanopresso protable espresso maker is just the thing for caffeine addicts who love to travel off the beaten track.
For another taste of luxury on the road, try a new Hairburst Mulberry silk pillow case. It’s perfect for keeping frazzled plane hair under control, if you worry about that sort of thing. And even if you don’t, who wouldn’t prefer to wrap that papery aeroplane pillow in something so smooth and silky?
For armchair travellers
We all know someone who’s forever dreaming of their next trip. Indulge them with one of these gifts that keep the travel spirit alive even when you’re stuck in a 9-to-5 at home. Rocket & Co make bespoke text map art using vintage maps showing the location(s) of your choice – it’s a really thoughtful memento of past trips or a tantalising hint of what’s to come. The same goes for this cork globe. For a gift that keeps on giving, try a travel magazine subscription, annual membership to a local museum or art gallery, or this Try the World gift subscription, which delivers a selection of ingredients for meals from around the world to your doorstep – just because you can’t travel right now doesn’t mean your tastebuds can’t!
For travel-tech devotees
If you know someone who travels with smartphone, iPad, laptop, Kindle and super camera, chances are they’ll love one of these techy presents. A portable power bank will keep their gadgets going when they’re camping in the middle of nowhere. There’s a huge range available, but this lightweight power bank is enough to charge at least a phone a couple of times.
1. Joby camera tripod/gorillapod
2. Colour coded 5-in-1 travel adaptor
3. Universal cord organiser

Thoughtful gifts for upcoming trips eg Cumbria’s Love Cumbria Winter Rewards Card
Vintage travel posters
Crumpled city maps
Beauty box subscription, for a steady supply of travel size beauty products
Kammock Camping Hammock
Elizabeth Arden Advanced Ceramide Capsules Daily Youth Restoring Eye Serum. Can pack just the amount you need – save space, no spill.
Personalised globe St Christopher necklace (alt to St Christopher) £59