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Poem by Diony Lalieu


This is the poem for the ocean that Diony wrote to win the Soul Surfer Ocean Watch Ambassador title.

“I am mother, I am ocean.
I am a giver and taker of life.
I decide who eats, who breathes, who plays and who is taken away.
And I will continue to do so, way past when you are nothing but a blink in the celestial sky.
I am gentle and embracing, accommodating and forgiving.
Yet I can be cold and cruel: your memory is not required to sustain me.
I have provided abundance and life for an eternity.
Rains for the crops, temperate climates for humanity, infinite breeding grounds that sustain the origin of all life forms, including yours.
Yet, now, I am suffering, I am chocking.
My lungs are collapsing under the strain of micro plastics that are slowly becoming my new bedrock.
Strange foreign particles threaten the delicate life-chains I have put into place.
And my children are disappearing by the multitude, by the species, sometimes in bloodied massacres.
My waters are murky, clouded with human troubles and affluence.
I am being raped.
I am being pillaged.
I stand by, as your mother, watching patiently how you are slowly sapping away your own life force.
And I will continue to watch your genocide.
Until you realize that I am you. And I am all you have.
Perhaps, just perhaps, it is not too late…”
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