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Inspiring women travellers: Lara's packing tips for conquering Everest Base Camp


Lara Levi, one of our inspirational women travellers, trekked to Everest Base Camp in November 2016. These are the things she wishes she’d taken with her...

  1. You do not need to be in athlete shape to reach Everest Base Camp; you just have to be motivated to get there, prepared to share a lot of unhygienic communal toilets, able to pack light and smart – and stock up on rehydration salts! I swore by them on the trek.
  2. Laundry services on the trek are expensive but available; you are expected to pay for even the slightest luxury such as a shower or the use of a socket. I was able to hand-wash a few undergarments on our two day stop-overs in tea houses (in what felt like glacial water) but if you are able to bring enough underwear and socks to last the whole trip, even better.
  3. You have to pay to charge everything whilst on the mountain so pre-charged battery packs are a must!
  4. A good book and deck of cards will go a very long way in the restaurants at night to pass the time.
  5. If, like us, you choose to take the challenge a step further and not shower for the duration of the trek (gross I know), I would recommend dry shampoo (I really wish I had had some) and a huge pack of baby wipes for daily “baby wipe showers” as we called them.
  6. But whatever you do, do not forget to bring lots of tissues (at least five packs – you’ll thank me later), two loo rolls per person and Vaseline. These are rare and expensive commodities up on the mountain.

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