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7 more questions to ask your new travel buddy


Image by Loren Kerns on flickr


Following the feedback from our first list of 20 questions to ask your new travel buddy, here are 7 more!

  1. What sort of foods do you love or loathe? For example, spicy foods.
  2. What’s the most important thing for you to get out of this trip? For example, downtime, visit a particular sight, visit long-lost family…
  3. What’s the most important meal of your day, and why? Perhaps it’s breakfast because it sets you up for the adventures ahead, or dinner because it’s a chance to mull over the day’s events.
  4. What scares you?
  5. Are you happy to walk? Rent a bike? Drive?
  6. Are you an observer or a joiner-in? Would you be happiest joining in a local dance, say, or watching and clapping on the sidelines?
  7. What particular skill would you bring to our travelling team? Are you great at maths (currency conversion), a gifted linguist (deciphering menus), or someone with a knack for sniffing out local gems?
But before you go grilling your travel buddies, bear in mind these thoughts from the sage women travellers of the Thelma & Louise Club:
Treat the questions as a conversation guide, rather than an interview-style list, says Nina41: “Any person wishing to travel with someone would (through the course of any conversations they have prior to travelling) find most of these questions out just through getting to know you. It doesn't have to be an interview or checklist, just a meet-up prior to travel, a conversation over lunch to see if you are compatible.”
According to Liza, have as much information to hand as possible before choosing a travel buddy, and know the areas you’re willing to compromise on: “There are always mitigating factors that make you compromise on what you prefer but it's good to have some idea of your companion before you choose.”
But I’ll give the last word to Paraparam, who seems to have her priorities right! “For me, the only initial requirement in a stranger is a true sense of humour – the one that allows you to laugh at yourself.”
What other questions do you recommend asking a potential travel buddy?
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