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Show us your city's Xmas lights!


Wouldn't it be lovely for us all to share some Christmas lights and decoration from our homes and towns?

Let's see how everyone is getting ready for Christmas around the world! Email them to us at ana@thelmandlouise.com or post them here.

First pictures come from London around Covent Garden and Regent Street

Kuala Lumpur is also preparing for Christmas!

You got to love of Covent Garden, London with reindeer built out of Lego. Thanks Shivers on Twitter.

Reindeer built out of Lego in Covent Garden, London
Reindeer built out of Lego in Covent Garden, London

Splendid lights in Hong Kong! Thanks Louise for sending these through!

At least 2 of our members are in Kuala Lumpur right now. Here is a picture from a shopping mall in Kuala Lumpur from Asiaophile. Thank you!

No street lights I'm afraid as they are a Muslim country, but shopping malls and stores have some beautiful decorations. I wonder if people could buy Christmas decorations for home.

Not quite the Toronto airport where WestJet airline made passangers' wishes come true 2 years ago, but Heathrow is also making an effort. Hip Hip Hooray!

I love ice-skating and I was really pleased to receive the images below from NYC. Xmas lights and the ice rink in Bryant Park NYC, impressive! Even more impressive is the fact that Bobbybee has battled with the sleet to take these pictures. Thank you!

Apparently the ice rink in Bryant Park is even better than the one at the Rockefeller centre and it's free entry if you bring your own ice skates. There is also free yoga if you bring your matt in the summer.

Christmas lights have also been spotted in Boston! Thank you. They look lovely!

The streets are buzying with shoppers in Madrid. This picture has been taken 2 days ago on Preciado Street. Thank you Silvia!


Some shops are really making the effort...look at these fantastic decorations at a jewelry shop in Tunbridge Wells. This is the town where we are meeting in January to go curling. Join in. Let's team up for a game or a lunch and a chat.

sparkles in Tunbridge Wells, UK
sparkles in Tunbridge Wells, UK