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Get inspired! A London get together for those interested in an adventure!


We had a really good time last night with Ceri and Anne, which inspired us to get on and have an adventure, travel, find travel buddies or anything fun!

After a photo shoot for the Good Housekeeping magazine, Ceri and Anne were all glam last night and entranced us all with their road trip of 4,000 miles across Europe and Sahara in an old car bought for the trip

“Think Top Gear Challenge but with Thelmas and Louises....”

After a few lunches together they decided to take the Banjul challenge and drive for three weeks to get to get to Gambia where they would sell their car and donate the money to charity. Nothing could put them off: the heavy snow just before they left, the tourist board cancelling the trip or the fear that the car might break down in the middle of nowhere. Instead of worrying about all these they’ve planned everything in detail and took mechanics lessons. They were funny moments ... entering a traditional steam bath in Rabat naked, only to discover that everybody else was wearing clothes. There were also unpleasant moments getting lost in darkest Dakar’s crowded streets swamped by traders pounding on the car windows., and not offered to wash the windscreen!

They had a great time even though they barely knew each other. It was a great adventure and they have visited amazing places like the Atlas mountains where it was too cold to sleep so they stayed up and looked at the starts, crossing the desert, the Marrakech market with over 10,000 camels, the city of Casablanca, Senegal, Gambia etc.

After they shared tales of adventure from their trip, we discussed future trips and challenges, we talked about finding the right travel buddy and some great suggestions come out:

  • the travel buddy has to be somebody like you, who will laugh at the same jokes, to want to see the same things, have similar ideas
  • you must meet in advance and do some things together and see if you can put up with each other. Meet a few times or spend a day/ couple of days together
  • when looking for a travel buddy both must be clear what they expect from each other
  • the older we are the harder it is to get out of our comfort zone, but to be able to enjoy the trip one has to be flexible and tolerant
  • accept from the beginning that not everything works for everybody Thank you again for coming along last night. It was a pleasure to meeting you all.

What’s your suggestion for finding the right travel buddy? Speak up! Your suggestions are welcome.