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Podcast 50: How I gave up my office job to live and teach English in South East Asia


Posted by

Thelma & Louise Member

This week we speak to Louise, who has already done that thing we all said we want to do this year: she has Done Something Different. Last year Louise turned 47, which, she realised, meant that she's been working in an office for 30 long years. The thought of spending the next 20 years in an office made her sell her apartment and sign up for a teacher's course. Six months later she was living in Hanoi and teaching English to Vietnamese students.

This podcast is all about her experience, the steps she took to make life happen and how her life has changed since moving to Hanoi 6 weeks ago - she makes it sound so easy! Louise assures us that whatever you decide to do, do it with gusto and you'll not regret it.

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