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Podcast 40: The uncomfortable truth about women in South Sudan


Posted by

Thelma & Louise Member


This week we talked to Megan, a human rights lawyer from Canada, who has just came back from a refugee camp in South Sudan where she was working with reporttheabuse.org to protect women against gender based sexual violence. She told us how women in Rwanda and South Sudan are used as a tool to hurt and break up communities, as a result of various clan clashes. The work that Megan has done in South Sudan is pretty extraordinary and we are filled with admiration for her dedication and the love for law and other people that this experience has sparked for her.

As women we are always exposed to violence from men and at the Thelma & Louise Club we believe that women should not travel alone especially to some parts of the world. Our love of travel helps us gain a greater understanding of the world, and we care about other people and cultures that are exposed to violence and we support other women around the world!