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Podcast 34: Sailing from Singapore to Australia, touring Iran and exploring the Balkans by public transport all with Ishbel


Posted by

Thelma & Louise Member


This week we talk to Ishbel from Scotland. She’s an avid traveller and we hear about some of her amazing adventures on this podcast: whether its sailing from Singapore to Australia; visiting Iran with Connie and 2 other Thelma & Louise ladies; walking between the Cinque Terre with other Thelma & Louise members; or recreating a trip she did forty years ago inter-railing through the Balkans but this time using only public transport!

Yet, there’s even more on the horizon: sailing between Hamburg and Amsterdam, walking in Patagonia for 3 weeks and then Cuba. There is simply no stopping her!

She also sent us some lovely postcards from Cinque Terre, Iran and her Balkan trip. You can read her trip reviews on Cinque Terre and her Sailing adventures on the high seas.